About Greg

     Thank you EVERYONE for all the support. Unfortunately we fell short. I believe our message was good, I may have been the wrong messenger. Please pay attention and do not be afraid to get involved. There is another Lower Keys Utility Board seat available in 2020.  Lets find a great candidate that will move us forward!

Thanks again,


Hi, my name is Greg Daniels and I’m running for Keys Energy Services Board Of Directors Seat D. I’ve made The Keys my home for the last 28 years—my first 7 years in Key West and 21 in the Lower Keys.  I live on Cudjoe Key with my lovely wife Donna and our three poodles, Penn, Kyla, and Pavie. I have a degree in Marine Propulsion technology from FKCC. For the past 8 years, I have served on the Keys Energy Services Advisory Committee and for the last 6 of those years, I have served as the chairman or vice chairman. For over 17 years, I’ve worked for Comcast as the Construction Coordinator where I manage co-ax and fiber optic projects from Ocean Reef in Key Largo to Key West.  I’m also a small business owner.

There are two times when you think about your electricity. The first is when you turn on your light switch and nothing happens.  The second time is when your bill arrives.  I believe that we can eliminate the first issue and make the second as painless as possible. If elected, I have three key issues that I will address—three items that will both improve the quality of your electricity and keep your costs lower.

My first issue is Hurricane Hardening of the plant. For many years, Keys Energy has been working to harden the electrical lines and poles. This effort must continue. I would like to see some incentives put in place to encourage developers, neighborhoods and local governments to place lines underground. Not only will this help to protect the lines in a storm, it will help beautify the islands. I know that placing lines underground is expensive, but I believe it’s time to have a serious discussion about it. Other communities such as ours are moving forward with underground projects.  We can do the same.

My second issue is that Keys Energy seems to use quite a few contractors and consultants. I realize that some are necessary to provide certain skills. However, I pledge to work at reducing the number of contractors and consultants Keys Energy utilizes. If this is done wisely, it can help create a large savings for ratepayers.

My third issue is many of Keys Energy employees are at or near retirement age. The current Board of Directors has rejected any sort of program or incentive for an employee to give more than two weeks’ notice before retirement. The knowledge and expertise of these senior level employees is valuable. An incentive to give more notice before they retire will allow a new person to be trained, thereby saving time and money. It will also reduce the need for some of the previously mentioned contractors and consultants, which I believe will result in a savings for ratepayers.

I look forward to serving all ratepayers of Keys Energy,